• According to Akamai’s latest State of the Internet report, broadband speeds in the UK have risen by 41% over the last year. Its importance.

UK is an advanced economy and its government will usually be super keen to see the superfast broadband working in their country and fibre is mostly adopted in most countries around the world. Another objective is to draw the attention to the need to maximize not only the number of people who use broadband but also to them whoc take the full advantage of that availability.
It is a very good that the broadband speeds have increased by 41% over the last year. It is very important because a fast and ultra – fast internet access plays a central role in economic recovery and provides a platform to support innovation through the economy, as for instance electricity and transport did in the past.
The ushering of fast internet networks stimulates the development of the digital economy, which allows new band width hungry services to start leading to incentives for the further development of ehealth, elearninig, smart grids and media content in the future.
These are explained briefly in the following:
1. The Growth of market economy: Moreover, according to the OECD, cost saving of 0.5% to 1.5% in four key sectors of the economy (i.e. electricity, health, transportation and education) over ten years can result directly from building a new ultra-fast broadband platform. (Ducatel, 2010).
2. The Development of Society: For instance, we hear much about e-government, e-commerce, e-health, and e-education (and smart buildings and smart grids, although differently named, could join the list). Therefore it is not easy to pin down the benefits raised from broadband, thses are the extra benefits from superfast one.
3. The Differences Made by Superfast Broadband: As with any long-term investment, benefits are harder than costs to pin down: benefits are reaped over many years, and are more uncertain the further into the future we look.


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